The common denominators of my diversified personal and business experience are  sales, management, marketing, people, education, communication, performance and music.  These skill sets contribute to my understanding of what motivates people to watch, listen, learn, create,  service, buy and sell.  

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I was an insecure, totally shy boy who never asked questions in school for fear he would be ridiculed by teachers and peers. Stood alone in the school yard watching everyone have fun. In a world full of people, he felt isolated and alone. Then it all changed. He saw Elvis Presley on T.V. and knew at that moment what his passion and destiny would be. To be a star. So he convinced his parents to buy him a guitar, took lessons, taught himself to sing by imitating his favorite artists, joined a band, and eventually with lots of practice and dedication overcame his  fear of public performance.

Since then, Peter has been on many stages, For over fifty years he has lived and worked at the intersection of sales, training, creative business solutions, communication, and edutainment. He is a serial entrepreneur in ground breaking startups and a former recording artist. In the early nineties he left the corporate sales world and opened the first Karaoke sing a – long company in New York City. Thus began his journey to help people overcome their fear of public performance. Later as the principal of Cummings Attractions, he was a pioneer in the art of InfoTainment. His mission “ “To End Boring Meeting Syndrome”. It was here he created the Interactive Voice of God character, The Faux Guest Speaker and  began coaching top executives in crafting speeches and the delivery of dynamic presentations. With over six hundred thousand pitches in his career, he now dedicates himself to full time vocal and visual presentation performance coaching for individuals and organizations.