Corporate Follies

A custom written live Musical Revue celebrating and lampooning your organization’s uniqueness.

From the opening “Meet and Greet” song to the final “Toast to the Future”, this rousing celebration and tribute will have attendees on the edge of their seats and rolling in the aisles as you laugh at your corporate culture, officers, employees, departments, products, services. Depending on subject matter lyrics will either poke fun or convey heartfelt emotion.

The show unfolds both the stage and the floor, as we use the element of surprise to capture and astound the audience. Imagine your guests delight when the “new employee” ( at your table) or one of the wait staff launches into a broadway type song, celebrating a recent success or paying tribute to your CEO.

Our creative staff work with your team to come up with the subject matter and then get the hard facts, which become the content of the show.
Popular topics include. Team work, technology, acronyms, salute to the sales team, marketing department, the company values and visions, the revenues song, new marketing ideas, the cafeteria. So put on your thinking caps and get ready for the best collective company belly laughs and tribute you have ever seen.