Song Biographies

Celebrate life’s amazing moments and milestones with personalized song(s) for any occasion.

You enlist family, friends, co-workers, second-grade teacher, the dry cleaner, etc. to be biographers. They answer a questionnaire about the honoree(s) and write a story about “Why this person is so special”. Then the magic starts. This information from your hand picked biographers gives our team all they need to create Funny or touching. Any outstanding physical characteristics, nick names, idiosyncrasies, likes, dislikes, pet peeves, favorite foods. We lead you through the process and will reach out via phone for additional info. from your biographers to get the most from their story.
Depending on your preferences, subject matter lyrics will either poke fun or convey heartfelt emotions.
The show features a night club style performance by a seasoned singer/ InfoTainer. Each song is introduced with an appropriate spoken introduction and sung with gusto, passion and heartfelt understanding of our special guest. The audience is astounded and captured with inside insights they all know relate to to our honoree.
From the opening “Meet and Greet “song through the finale, this rousing celebration and tribute will have party-goers on the edge of their seats, singing along and rolling in the aisles with tears of laughter and joy. They will share in the recipients Song Biography and be honored themselves by having created it.

Its all in good fun. It’s all very true. It celebrates them dedicated from you.