“The Faux Guest Speaker”

case study. The Faux Speaker
Rah Rah Boola Bolla Rally


• To introduce new head of IT to his troops.
• To introduce sweeping new standards and practices for the department.
• To inspire attendees to be proactive to change.
• To learn how to work as a team in the rapidly changing world of technology.
• To reinforce the vision and values of Chase.
• To rally the troops to stand as a team.


Toward the end of an all-day information intense meeting and following Q&A facilitated by the Voice of God, the final guest speaker is introduced to the podium. He is an N.F.L. Hall of Fame recipient and now a leading authority on Winning Teams. His speech is upbeat, factual and peppered with client information and the secrets of building a great team.
Our guest entices the audience to interact in a series of exercises that exhibit how we come to develop habits, patterns, and values that contribute to team mentality. He speaks of a can-do attitude, perseverance and a shared commitment.
Part way through the speech our guest presenter (music up) BURSTS INTO SONG. SURPRISING and grabbing attention.
Nothing inspires and rallies the troops like an anthem. “Stand as a Team”
Attendees walk out Singing your message.