On mic and out of sight
Adding unparalleled professionalism to any event.

From the opening greeting till the closing summary, this anonymous, disembodied announcer has a pivotal role and goal. To pilot the Live program flow of the meeting. Keeping the energy high. Pace lively. Audience and speakers engaged and, the program on time.

Announcing responsibilities include:

• Setting the tone of the assemblage with a short opening welcome, or dramatic introduction summarizing the event’s goals, objectives, and theme. (underscored with music).
• Intro and Outroductions. Welcoming your professionals to the podium, with a brief biography. Thanking them when finished, (underscored with music).
• Delivering special announcements, updates, and key instructions.
• Moderating Q & A. For ease of everyone hearing the questions, keeping segment lively and activating audience to participate.
• Providing Speaker Support. Optionally interacting with presenters by script, to reinforce key points and issues. Turning a routine speech into an interactive dialog.
• Popping in to add humor, drama or pathos to drive home a point.
• Acting as a vocal safety net. Filling dead air, in the event of a technical or podium presenter glitch.

Interviews on the Carpet

Invite the Voice of God to your next meeting and have a blessed event.