Pitching, storytelling, story selling  and effective communications, in any setting for any occasion.

In this fast-paced world of catchy internet headlines, information overload, rapidly shrinking attention span, communicating ideas in an engaging, emotional  and memorable way becomes a differentiating factor for success.

Have you ever witnessed someone give a fantastic presentation? Really knew their stuff, educated and engaged the  audience. Aced the interview, closed the deal, got the promotion, wowed the  boss and peers.  It was like a show. They made it look so easy. Have you ever wanted to be like that? Would it make you better in your career and personal life? You bet it would! So what’s stopping you?

My goal for you is to become a more effective communicator. And I assure you: No one is born a great public speaker. And unless you live by yourself in a cave, we are all public speakers. Some better than the rest.  It is learned and multi-faceted. And effective communication is attainable. With commitment, dedication, practice, application, self reflection, practice, patience, a sense of humor and a great coach.  So whether you are persuading colleagues, pitching a client, energizing a team or giving a eulogy. The power of your presentation can make the difference between success or failure. As a presenter you are a storyteller. You must build trust with your audience and inspire, motivate, stimulate and activate people to action.


SO Be Honest!

How did your last pitch, sales call, speech, team meeting, interview, presentation go? 

Did your audience hang on your every word? 

Did they get what you were saying?

Did you lead the audience to action?

Was your slide presentation effective or lacking?

Were you an InterActive Listener?

Did your audience seem to be disappointed when your performance was over – they really wanted you to keep on talking?

If you are like the majority, the answer to most of these questions is “Not so much”.

All this means is that you need to learn a few tips, tricks and techniques to be a more effective communicator in your personal and professional life. I can help

 And the fact is, when you can out-pitch anyone in your field, on a moment’s notice…You will be more successful. You will win more opportunities. And it can change your life, along with the lives of everyone you love. You can do this. Now is your time.  “Peter the Pitchman” can help.

I offer customized and personalized coaching programs designed specifically to enable you to communicate authentically, emotionally and powerfully. 


Simple Steps

  • To analyze and understand your own strengths and weaknesses as a presenter
  • To be comfortable in your own skin and find the uniqueness of your style
  • To connect and affect listeners when you transfer information, share emotion, or persuade for change
  • To deal with performance anxiety, mannerisms, and other bad limiting habits that that prevent your effectiveness in presentation performance
  • To master “The 3 V’s of Effective Communication” Verbal, Vocal and Visual: That will leap frog you immediately to the next level of public speaking success.
  • To utilize the Emotion of Motion and body language to reinforce your presentation
    To be an “Interactive Listener” (That’s why you have two ears and one mouth)
  • To recreate your content to tell a story that captures audience attention and leads them to action
  • To create a daily self-training process, using self-video, self-analysis, focused exercises, and receiving valuable feedback.
  • To have fun in the process

Thanks again for all your coaching. I had several people comment on how clear and direct my presentation was. Best regards,

Marina  Perfectore Corp.

Thank you for a stimulating presentation last night. Your energy and candor put everyone at ease and truly made a wonderful learning experience, no matter the comfort level.

 Liza Lotte

Peter the Pitchman is a longtime program partner who regularly hosts interactive workshops and Office Hours as part of Venture Cafe Miami’s weekly programming for the innovation community. In person, his public speaking and communications workshops always packed the room with eager participants from different backgrounds and experience levels. Even with COVID and the transition to online events, Peter has adapted his offerings to be engaging, informative, and helpful. Highly recommend him.

Aileen Alon  Associate Director Venture Café│Miami

I have known Peter for a couple of years now, and he has been a great influence. I started going to his in-person Venture cafe public speaking workshops, and they really helped me with: 1. Making a powerful and impactful minute-long pitch; 2. Become more comfortable speaking publicly and actually enjoying it; 3. Implementing this public speaking skill into everyday life, and making me more comfortable with connecting with like minded people and generating an income from the clients I keep getting for my coaching business.

Life Coach

I reached out to Peter after hearing him speak at a virtual event on a community platform. In this talk, he spoke with confidence, passion and easily captured his audience's attention. These were the exact skills I was looking to build in order to tell my story as I entered a transition phase into a new career. After just a few sessions, I noticed my ability to speak in a clear and concise manner, to connect with my audience, had drastically changed. Working with Peter helped me take the next step in my journey. Peter, thank you for your support,advise and guidance!





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