The sixty second elevator pitch is dead. Long live the “InterActive Pitch”.

Many people ask me “What is the goal of a sixty second pitch”?
Assuming for the moment that I believe in the concept of a sixty second pitch, which I do not.
The answer is simple. To get another sixty seconds. Now I must tell you what you are about to learn is a bit outside the box. These Tips are unorthodox, based on what I see everybody do. Yet they work and allow you to stand out from the crowd and get what you want!

So how’s the presentation of your pitch going? If you’re like most, do you find yourself speeding through and spitting out information, because the clock is ticking and this is your only shot?. STOP IT!
This is not a dash to the finish line. This is the beginning of an inquiry to build commonality ,trust and interest.
Six InterActive Pitching Tips. Try these six steps.

Step 1: Take control of the conversation and the pace from the get go.

Step 2: Introduce yourself by name only. They will tell you theirs.

[As an icebreaker, compliment them. Flattery opens up their listening. Whatever is appropriate at the moment. Nice tie, love the color, pattern. Great shirt, perfect with the tie. Wow those earrings are beautiful. Is that a pearl? The shape is so unusual. I love that nail polish color. Is that your living room? looks great, nice picture, are you wearing pants?] ( Relax, make it fun).

Step 3: Continue to manage the conversation and pace. Ask. So, what do you do?

Step 4: Listen, pay close attention.

a) If you don’t get what they say. INTERRUPT. It’s OK. Ask questions, clarify. Do not wait till the end. ( Remember, you are in control of this InterActive communication).
b) While they talk, If you get what they say, use body language to show your understanding. (Shake your head up and down, smile, lean in to show interest. Use short verbal recognitions. (I get it, Sounds great, huh huh, wow, interesting). All the while ask yourself: Does your product or service align to their needs? How can you serve them?

Step 5: Your turn. Briefly replay what they said in your own words.

Show em you get it. Now that you know what they do, In a few sentences WOW em Tell em what you do. But start with a Question hook!
For example: Would you like to make an extra 150,00 this year? (wait for response). Great, Well I can show you how, I’m a financial advisor with a track record of happy, secure and prosperous clients.

Step 6: Call to action.

Would you like to learn more? Great! Are you available Next Thursday at noon for a Zoom call?( Be specific purposely). I would like to learn more about where you are now, any goals you have and how I can help provide for your future.
If there is no interest, Tell em “I understand, many of my clients said the same thing before working with me. Please take my card, join me on Linkedin. Meanwhile if i have any referrals for you I will let you know, will you please do the same.
Great meeting you.

Try this approach. It works. And remember, a great pitch is always evolving. It must be pliable to the moment, changeable to your audience,not just a memorized speech. It’s a Face 2 Face verbal, listening, and visual interaction. With these simple Tips you can qualify, or get and give referrals.
See you next time. Happy Pitching.

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